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Information On Johnny Rowland Americana TV!

Finally, Our Own TV Channel!

We are building our very own TV channel entitled:  Johnny Rowland Americana TV.  It is already up on Facebook and YouTube and will soon be available on ROKU and other video platforms as well.  We will be running programs about guns and the shooting sports, motor sports, military features, the Old West and history, horses and riding, Native American features, gardening and off-grid living, news and commentary, healthy living, and even music!  We specialize in "info-tainment!"  Join us for the very best in programming made for Americans!

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Make America Great Again CD


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“Make America Great Again“ along with 12 more Johnny Rowland original songs, including ”Tombstone” and Johnny’s Top Ten National Hit: “My Name Is Freedom”“

Make America Great Again Song and Video

Here is Johnny’s latest song and video. We must stand up for what we believe and this is a fun but true video and song that says it all.   PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!


Make America Great Again (Johnny Rowland Song T-Shirt)


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Johnny Rowland Show Trailer

Johnny is updating Tombstone Motor and Gun to include horses and riding segments and special US Military Veteran features.  This show promises to be another Johnny Rowland landmark presentation!  We invite you to enjoy the trailer from last year’s program!


Tombstone by Johnny Rowland

A really fun song about Tombstone and Southeast Arizona!  It definitely has the "Hit" magic that Johnny is famous for!  The Tombstone CD is available now and includes Johnny's Top Ten Country song: My Name Is Freedom.  Click to listen.

My Name Is Freedom is Johnny's hit recording from 2013.  This song reached #8 nationally in the New Music Weekly charts and was in the Top Ten Downloads to radio stations worldwide on Airplay Access for five straight weeks.  It is included on the Tombstone CD.  Click to listen.


Tombstone CD by Johnny Rowland


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My Mustang by Johnny Rowland

Johnny made this video in 2005 specifically for Mustang enthusiasts as a complementarmy addition for regular Mustang features on the "Guns and Gears" TV program.  Watchful viewers will note a cameo appearance by the Legendary Carroll Shelby!  This song is included on Johnny's Extended Play CD entitled: "Love Songs, Life Songs, and Car Songs" along with several other fun auto themed songs.  Also featured on this CD is Johnny’s hit recording:  “You Can’t Tell The Rain.”


Love Songs, Life Songs, and Car Songs CD by Johnny Rowland


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The New Johnny Rowland TV Program

Johnny Rowland is launching a new digital TV channel.  It will feature the shooting and automotive subjects Johnny is famous for, along with fun segments about horses and adventure, but will also feature and highlight some really talented military veterans.  With a combination of guns and shooting, hot rods, motorcycles, trikes, off-road equipment, horses, and yes, even some music and Old West excitment, this is sure to be another Johnny Rowland Hit!


About Johnny Rowland

Johnny Rowland is originally from Northwest Louisiana and grew up with guns, horses, motorcycles, hot rods, and a genuine love for America. He is widely known for his television and radio programs, the 460 Rowland cartridge and guns, and his music career.  He had a Top Ten recording in 2013 entitled: My Name Is Freedom and his new Pro-Life song and video (What Kind Of World) can be seen by scrolling down on this page.


The Military Connection

America’s military is the finest fighting force in the world.  Veterans of the US military include some of the most talented and entertaining men and women we could ever meet.  Stay tuned: we’ll prove it to you!


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What Kind Of World Video


What Kind Of World (What Have I Done?) CD


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Johnny Rowland Inspirational CD including the title song: What Kind Of World (What Have I Done?”)  Also includes Johnny’s 2013 Top Ten recording of ”My Name Is Freedom” and a number of other Johnny Rowland original songs as well as several timeless classics.