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The Deadliest DrugJohnny Rowland Column for October, 2019

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The Deadliest Drug

Our country is stricken with the deadliest addiction known to society: fiat money!  And if it is not dealt with soon, and with severity, it will destroy the greatest modern civilization.  The current US deficit is well beyond three quarters of a TRILLION dollars, and counting.  Our policy of “phony” money is the root cause of our immigration crisis, the “entitlement” crisis, the endless war machine,  and who knows how many other ills our country is suffering from.  And it CANNOT last.  

If our population had to obviously pay out of their own pockets and personal bank accounts for the massive number of political escapades our ruling class has initiated, we would have an entirely different country as well as an entirely different group of elected officials, due to a citizens economic revolt!  We would have had our troops, who are stationed around the world,  come home long ago; we would not be suffering from the environmental extremist nonsense, nearly to the degree which we are now; we would have never had the forced busing debacle; and the various race-baiters would have had to get productive jobs.  Our national borders would not be so over-run, as the welfare state, which is the real cause of most of our illegal immigration difficulties, would have collapsed; because there would simply not have been the funds to pay for it!  And if the economic nit-wits, who are running our political system and our government, insist on continuing to create or print money out of thin air, to finance any and every goofy progressive project, then just why are we, as citizens of the US, still paying taxes at all?  The government could easily cover our so-called tax bills by just printing more money!  But they are smart, or maybe crafty enough to know that this would not work: I am convinced that the real reason we, as citizens, still pay taxes is for our rulers to keep us convinced that our US paper dollars actually have some real value.  If the government demands a large portion of what we think we earn, then these paper dollars must be worth something, right?  

Our current American economic system is outright chicanery, smoke and mirrors, and fraud.  And it has been for over 100 years when the criminal Federal Reserve was established by crooked bankers and lying and thieving politicians.  To this point, our money is still being used and taken as a proper medium of exchange, but this charade can’t go on forever.  And the corrupt attachment and addiction the ruling class has to the opiate of fiat money, shows no sign of slowing down or abating.  Realize that a time of reckoning is ahead; maybe this is why the United States is not mentioned in the Christian Bible, as it may not even exist for much longer!  Figuratively speaking, the fiat money addicts are in charge of the currency pharmacy and liquor store combined!

And speaking of addiction, I recently saw that the illegal drug business has surpassed the value and revenue of Wal-Mart.   Just how is the so-called “War on Drugs” working out?!  I suggest that the vast majority of illegal drugs are in fact, not being consumed by the addicts among us, but by huge numbers of regular folks who are so stressed and worried about their future,  so beaten down and misled by major media, are having so much trouble sleeping and relaxing, and are so spiritually confused and emotionally discouraged, that they are more and more often turning to illegal drugs for relief.  People take drugs because it makes them feel better, and this could be part of the New World Order’s plan for population reduction: “feeling better (via poison) to extinction!” This, along with massive promotion of the homosexual agenda and abortion, is the real goal of our would be rulers: drastic depopulation of the planet.  Now that robotics technology has reached the level of creating uncomplaining slave machines, there is no longer the need for great numbers of people to work.  Unfortunately, there is no shortage of evil individuals who want to run and rule the world, and according to their own recorded statements, they want to eliminate 6/7ths of the Earth’s residents.  Really!  Of course, they intend to take care of their own families and parcel out the world to each other, so the rest of us have to go!

Points to ponder:

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) cannot defeat the cartels, even with untold billions of dollars and resources in their budget, as long as they adhere to their current way of operating.  The DEA is pretty much a reactionary agency, orchestrated by self serving permanent government officials and corrupt politicians.  Though there are many decent and hard working individuals in the DEA, and certainly a fair number risking their lives, they still must abide by inefficient government protocols and red tape instituted by unqualified planners and administrators.  In contrast, the cartels are guerrilla-like dictatorships which can adjust and pivot and change their own procedures on a dime, and they have the financial resources to purchase the best equipment and politicians that money can buy!

Johnny Rowland is a media professional who lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona.   His email is: johnny460rowland@gmail.com

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We are building our very own TV channel entitled:  Johnny Rowland Americana TV.  It is already up on Facebook and YouTube and will soon be available on ROKU and other video platforms as well.  We will be running programs about guns and the shooting sports, motor sports, military features, the Old West and history, horses and riding, Native American features, gardening and off-grid living, news and commentary, healthy living, and even music!  We specialize in "info-tainment!"  Join us for the very best in programming made for Americans!

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Johnny Rowland is launching a new digital TV channel.  It will feature the shooting and automotive subjects Johnny is famous for, along with fun segments about horses and adventure, but will also feature and highlight some really talented military veterans.  With a combination of guns and shooting, hot rods, motorcycles, trikes, off-road equipment, horses, and yes, even some music and Old West excitment, this is sure to be another Johnny Rowland Hit!


About Johnny Rowland

Johnny Rowland is originally from Northwest Louisiana and grew up with guns, horses, motorcycles, hot rods, and a genuine love for America. He is widely known for his television and radio programs, the 460 Rowland cartridge and guns, and his music career.  He had a Top Ten recording in 2013 entitled: My Name Is Freedom and his new Pro-Life song and video (What Kind Of World) can be seen by scrolling down on this page.


The Military Connection

America’s military is the finest fighting force in the world.  Veterans of the US military include some of the most talented and entertaining men and women we could ever meet.  Stay tuned: we’ll prove it to you!

What Kind Of World Video


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